About Us

Neverge is a news and streaming platform that launched in 2018. It was later revamped and became an RSS feed platform. It is equipped with a structure where you can easily view all crypto information. Although its native language is English, it provides content to users with automatic translation in almost all languages. It automatically transfers news and information from the source to the reader. It allows you to access all news from a single point with a fast and practical flow.

The Neverge project is based on autonomous and self-controlled editorial and content planning. Thanks to the system’s own control mechanisms, Neverge’s internal functioning is fully automated. Neverge internal information input – output and flow control system is fully automated. At this point, feedback from user experiences is quickly responded to and action is taken by monitoring the breadth of the systems.

While reading your news on Neverge, it is possible to follow the coin status externally. In this context, the priority is shaped on the comfort of the reader and the transfer of information equally in every field with a tireless flow.

You can access instant news by following our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram accounts.